We offer an extensive range of different insurance's to fit in with your life


Vehicle Insurance

We offer an extensive range of vehicle insurance, ranging from third party cover all the way up to full comprehensive cover.

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Motor Breakdown Insurance

Insure yourself against costly vehicle repairs with Motor break down insurance. Its super simple and most modern cars meet the criteria quite easily. For a quote please fill out the form here and we will get back to you


Life Insurance

Life insurance is so important. 

Protecting your family if anything should ever happen to you should be at the top of every persons list.

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Mortage Insurance

Often our homes are our biggest asset and mortgage insurance is a very beneficial cover to have. Mortgage cover pays you a monthly amount to cover your mortgage repayments if you become totally disabled as a result of illness or injury


Income Protection

If you had an accident or became very ill and were no longer able to earn an income, how would you manage financially?

Income Cover provides you with a regular income, allowing you to live the life you want to live. You will remain financially independent, regardless of whether or not you are able to return to work.


Medical Cover

Having health insurance gives you peace of mind knowing that you and your family can get the medical treatment you need, when you need it.

If you are diagnosed with a non-acute medical condition, you could have a long, uncomfortable wait for treatment from the public health system. For private treatment you can expect to pay thousands of dollars for some common operations. 


Business Insurance

We provide tailored insurance solutions and risk management programmes for all sizes of business.

Business Insurance is designed to safeguard your contents, stock and other assets against unexpected events, like fire, storm, theft and accidental damage. 


Funeral Cover

Funeral Insurance is one way you can protect your loved ones from your funeral costs.

Your loved ones can use your funeral insurance payout for all final expenses – whether it’s honouring your memory with a funeral service or taking care of your financial affairs, such as credit card debt or bills.


Trauma Insurance

Have you ever thought about what your lifestyle might be like if you became seriously ill?

Trauma Cover gives you financial freedom to make your own choices, at a time when your health has been seriously affected, and you may have to rethink your future.